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HANASAERA is a new brand that created by artist Seimi Ishigaki who has being active in the world of the flower for more than 40years. Her place of activity is expanded start from the Koryu ikebana(flower) and to flower arrangement.
And the experiences in those place leaded her to invent a japanese mode based on her superior aesthetic sense.
The traditional craft was mixed with selected silk kimono and sush cloth, and it made a new individuality while recurring to the beauty of japan.

There is no same thing as HANASAERA`s articles like a bag, wedding bouqet, and accessories.
It`s an Original creation of Seimi Ishigaki. She made all one by one what she has designed.
This splendid arrangement of color and wonderful form only Seimi Ishigaki who knows about flowers very well could do as her master piece. She uses her imagination by combining different materials freely to form.
The moment you have her piece, you can feel the difference, Like when you step outside from your house or when you catch the attention of the people around you.
It will make you feel happiness of dress up.

The woman in any generation also knows, Kimono and Obi have a beauty in pattern and color that doesn`t fade Recently the retro Kimono becomes boom in a young woman. As a proof, also antique Kimono is becoming popular in shops and antiquse market.
HANASAERA will bring you an articles that should succeed and to be valued eternity. Like from Grand mother to Mother and Mother to Daughter.

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